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From modeling to motherhood, Belinda Johnson uses her struggles to teach others about empowerment.

Belinda Johnson

Belinda Johnson, was born and raised in Virginia. She was Miss D.C. in the Miss USA pageant, which is what sent her to New York City where she was signed with Wilhelmina Modeling Agency for acting and modeling.

I am a woman. I have experienced heart-ache, torment, abuse, insecurity, hatred, jealously, death of family members and I’ve made my fair share of unhealthy choices. I’ve felt that I haven’t been good enough, I’ve kept silence, and I’ve had fear. I’ve been married, I’ve been divorced. I’ve gone through court battles, custody battles, menopause, and I’ve had empty nest syndrome. Seems like a lot, right? Well all of this has lead me to recreating and balancing my life. I am able to say today that without all of these past struggles, I would not be as happy and as fulfilled as I am today.

My most proud achievements are my two daughters. They changed my life, I had to learn how to make new choices and break the patterns that I was so used to in my past. As their mother, I needed to show them that  you are never too old or in too deep into any issues to be able to step up, and get out all by making a new choice.  The only way I could empower my own daughters was to empower myself. I had to show myself love, respect, honor, kindness and most importantly forgiveness.

Today I am proud to say that I am no longer attached to the words “what if” when it came to my past relationships/ marriage. Those two simple words determined every decision I made, for the fear of “what if” something else could of happened. I am able to live my life to my own best ability and I am able to live my life the way I want to.

Belinda Johnson is still modeling and acting. She is a Certified Reiki Master and a Certified Practitioner of the Akashic Records. She is able to do Energy healing, Distance energy healing on people and animals. Belinda is also an advisor to those in need of personal life guidance.  She also has  been helping others who are interested  in  modeling,  connecting people in health issues, support groups, class groups and business aspect. Belinda created, co/produced, Host and wrote shows for a show idea wanting to have a community working together making healthy changes, alternative choices in all aspects our daily life. She has started working with a MatchMaker company, Pretty People Inc.


Belinda’s Videos:
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