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Betsy Cox specializes in helping men and women navigate the turbulent water of divorce to help clients rebuild their life.

Betsy Cox

Betsy Cox, CEO and founder of Blackbook Divorce, a Manhattan-based divorce concierge, and the first in the country.  Blackbook Divorce was founded to assist men and women navigate the process of divorce. Betsy has an existing concierge company, Blackbook, she founded in 2006 to satisfy individuals looking for lifestyle management services worldwide. She and her team of associates work begins where that of a personal assistant ends. Her company retains a large network of specialists in every field to help their clients with all their needs. In 2016, Betsy launched an App, Blackbook, for her clients to assist with making their requests seamless. Blackbook Divorce assists the client whether they are considering a divorce, in the midst of a the divorce process or setting up their post divorce life. Virtually, Blackbook Divorce is your own little black book to assist you with any process with the luxury of having them do the legwork for you. In January 2017, Blackbook Divorce opened its second office in London.

Before founding her own company, Betsy worked as an event planner for Investcorp, a international investment firm based in Bahrain. Betsy traveled around the world setting up events and handling client relations.

Betsy has been featured in the New York Times , Avvo, The Divorce Saloon, The Palm Beach Post and various other divorce publications. She has appeared on a divorce episode of Cake Boss, and is in development for a TV show based on her business.

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