The Romance Expert

Funny, raunchy and wise, Grace Garland dares women to be confident and empowered.

Grace Garland

First time Author Grace Garland brings a unique fusion of: humor, honesty, experience, and empowerment that reflects that inner voice Women dare to share ONLY with a true Friend. Her “funny, raunchy, and wise” book LONELINESS MAKES YOU STUPID! The Grown Woman’s Dating Guide (Part 1) says it all!

Ms. Garland, the Singer-Songwriter, co-wrote/co-produced her CD LOVERS NEVER LIE (In Bed). The title song was #1 on FM-1 Radio in Odessa (the Ukraine).

Grace is most proud of her work for well over 10 years, as a volunteer entertainer for LIFEbeat/Hearts & Voices, the Music Industry Fights AIDS.

Grace Garland is a member of SAG-AFTRA, AEA, NARAS (Grammy voting member).

Official web site: Twitter: @jazzmatchmaker


Grace’s Videos:
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