The Romance Expert

Some people prefer to use their stylist as their therapist. Holly is ours.

Holly Scheema

Hairstylists are the go-to therapist for countless men and women. They simultaneously provide two services–a haircut and therapy–that everyone needs on a regular basis. Like many hairstyle therapists, Holly has a big personality, and after spending thousands of hours talking with her clients while they sit in her chair, she has fine-tuned her sense of humor and truly mastered the art of conversation. Listening to you vent about dating and relationships is part of the service–after all, what happens in the beauty shop stays in the beauty shop. Holly proves that stylists are full of insight and have the best tidbits of wisdom and that when it comes to the heart, our experiences are cross-cultural.

Today, we offer you the very wise services of Holly…

Holly’s Videos:
When should you break up with someone?
Any insights into making love work?
Should you break up if there’s infidelity?
What are the best ways I can recover from this heartbreak?
How does a woman keep her confidence after a break-up?
Why do some people come back to you after they’ve left?