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Writer and blogger Jess Downey delivers her dating advice with humor and grace.

Jess Downey

Jess Downey is a freelance writer, blogger and online columnist who currently lives in Brooklyn, NY. She’s a former blogger who has also written articles for Examiner.comBad Online DatesThe eFlirt expert and Get2Know.Me.

In 2011, Jess launched her own blog called Not What I Ordered. She’s also been a guest writer for dating blogs.

Jess has been interviewed by websites including Single Edition and City’s Best Chicago (now HuffPost Local). Her blog (formerly called All The Single Ladies) was cited as one of the 10 Great Single Girl Blogs For Your Amusement. Jess was also listed as one of Your Tango’s Top 10 to follow on Twitter for dating advice.

While in Chicago, Jess was a guest on several radio shows for WGN and Vocalo. She was also a guest on Dates with Ever, a show about dating in Chicago.


Jess’ Videos:
What prompted you in your own life to blog/write/publish about this topic? 
If I am really pining away for my ex, what can I do?
Can someone else make another person whole? If not, why?
What important things can we teach our children so they make good decisions in picking a mate?
Why do some people come back to you, after they have left? 
Is there a “right” way to break up with someone? 
Can someone really be “too busy” to return your call or text message?
Is there such a thing as love at first sight?
Is there hope for a relationship if one person wants to get married but the other doesn’t?
Is it true that once a person cheats, that person is always a cheater and cannot be trusted?