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Game changer, Karin Bellantoni, empowers millennial business leaders to accelerate and grow.

Karin Bellantoni

Karin Bellantoni empowers millennial business leaders to accelerate their companies’ growth via their own personal development. Through her experience building and selling her own multi-million dollar start-up, Karin’s tough-love approach develops a strong foundation for a company’s infrastructure and business development. Clients often refer to Karin as a “game changer” calling on her to optimize operations, sales, and egos during times of explosive growth and uncertainty.

Karin inspires a community of millennial New Yorkers through her monthly Intuition Salon Series. She also serves as a mentor for The Start-Up Institute and an advisor for SheWorx.

Are you ready to get unstuck?

Whether you’re an intrapreneur or an entrepreneur, we all get ‘stuck’ from time to time speeding along the fast track. Karin navigates leaders out of those stuck places, identifying their career dreams and ultimately lifting their goals to the next level. The measurable results create lasting change with higher gains for you, your team and your company.

In this new economy, Karin knows business growth needs new rules, tools and strategies. Her flagship Quantum Leap Program is a personal and professional 90-day reinvention workshop. Karin propels clients to growth and sustainable change through results-oriented modules, and offers a sampling of her program as individual workshops.


Karin’s Videos:
You specifically help millennial women who are feeling stuck in their personal and professional lives. Why millennials?
What are the three key pieces of advice for someone who is stuck?
How do you work with companies to create change?
What do you recommend companies do to achieve balance in the workplace?
What are some ways entrepreneurs can and should listen to clients, partners, employees, and other stakeholders?
What are the aspects of feminine leadership, and why is it important for both women and men to embrace it?
What is a boundary, and how does saying “no” enforce and strengthen a relationship?
What advice do you have for people who are afraid of confrontation?
What’s your personal definition of intuition and what are the ways we can tap into it?
What are the four “clairs?”
How can the four “clairs” be developed?
What are some ways people can get started on meditating?