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Kelly is driven to help people discover and use their innate hidden powers, gifts and truths.

Kelly Morris

Whether teaching thousands or one-on-one, Kelly is driven to help you to first discover and then move into alignment with your innate hidden powers, gifts and truths. In the wake of one of America’s greatest tragedies on September 11, 2001, Kelly was chosen as the cover story for New York Magazine, as a leading light + voice of compassion at a time of great violence, fear and confusion. It marked the forefront of yoga into mainstream consciousness in NYC + created a seismic shift in the way yoga was perceived by the cultural zeitgeist. No other meditation or yoga teacher has received that honor before or since.

Initiated by Amma into Kali, Gannon into Durga, Satchidananda into Siva and initiated into Yamantaka, Vajrayogini and Ganden Hlagmo by various Tibetan Buddhist lamas, Kelly has been named by the New York Times and Yoga Journal as one of NYC’s foremost teachers disrupting the industry.

After founding and leading one of NYC’s most successful yoga teacher trainings, The Conquering Lion Yoga Teacher Training for 6 years, graduating some of the best known names in the yoga/wellness world today.

After receiving direct wisdom from Pachamama/Gaia, Kelly founded The Infinity Call, a global phenomenon. A LIVE broadcast for women only M-F, each session is available for 24 hours and then vanishes. Her aim is to remind women of their sacred but forgotten bonds to Gaia, freeing them of a patriarchal ethos that deprives them of self-agency, self-love and self- trust. The Infinity Call has been featured in the WSJ, One Kings Lane, InStyle, The Coveteur, Well + Good and many more.

Kelly is direct, frank, empowered by compassion, but mostly, LOVE. Like no other meditation or spiritual coach you’ve ever worked with, Kelly breaks through the noise. Founder of the renowned Conquering Lion Yoga Teacher Training Program in NYC; New York Magazine‘s “Best Of” 3 years in a row; ex-writer for Origin + Mantra magazines; Wanderlust Speaker; Faculty at Kripalu and Omega; Presenter at the Woman & Power Conference/Omega. Kelly was chosen by The Parrish Museum to lead one of their coveted Friday Night Series. Find Your Infinity!


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