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Kimberly is a seasoned marketing and advertising executive who is coaching women to find their success.

Kim Bates

In 2012, Kimberly Bates, a seasoned Marketing and Advertising Executive, recognized that many women in New York are members of volunteer organizations giving back to their communities, part of women’s mentoring programs at work and have joined one of the dozens of women’s business networking groups to help foster their careers along.

“New York is a city full of intelligent, driven and successful women who give 200% to everything they do and to their communities.”

While these organizations are all vitally important to our lives, as Kimberly has been personally mentoring and coaching many different women for over 15 years outside of work, who are seeking to identify their passion & purpose in life, or wanting to propel their careers and relationships to a new level, she noticed with all their success, there seemed to be a lack of harmony and happiness in their lives.

“I saw there was an opportunity to provide women with the knowledge and tools for building a deeper understanding of their authentic selves, their purpose and definition of personal success, while helping to build self-esteem, getting rid of the limiting beliefs & behaviors holding them back and finding greater balance and well-being in their lives. It is more about “going inward” first, to ignite the outward transformation they were all seeking. And the biggest realization was, I did not have to be the only one helping them. We can all inspire each other.”

In the middle of one sleepless night, a quote that she heard earlier that day from Deepak Chopra played in her head, “The future will be about survival of the wisest, not the fittest.” In that moment, she came up with the idea to create The WSDM®, a wisdom and well-being organization for Women, whose mission is to help women become more aware of the infinite possibilities in their lives, empowering them toward greater self love and growth, by sharing the authentic insights, experiences and life lessons of other women (of all ages).

Four years later, 150+ women ages 22-65 are attending the events in New York, dozens of speakers have participated, and it’s been life-changing for everyone involved. The audience is also encouraged to ask questions, share their own stories and interact with the speakers. Kimberly has expanded her own mentoring & coaching practice bringing new and valuable learning and tools to her clients.

“It has become a meaningful platform of inspirational storytelling and engaging with positive, loving, supportive energy.”

Past events have covered a wide array of subjects from body image, busting through failure and illness, holistic health, successful leadership, fertility and building authentic love & relationships to the power of gratitude, confidence, self-love and synchronicity.

Past speakers have included:  Alisa Vitti- CEO of FloLiving.com and Author of WomenCode, Alysia Reiner, Co-founder Broadcast Pictures, Producer & Actress “Orange is the New Black” and “Equity”, Activist, Maker, Nancy Berger Cardone- Publisher, CRO of Marie Claire Magazine, Alex Jamieson- Co-Creator of the film Super Size Me and Nutrition Expert, Allison Arden- Former Publisher Ad Age, CEO, Soul + Co and Author of The Book of Doing, Veronica De La Cruz- News anchor CBS San Francisco and activist, Mariama Camara- Co-founder, There is No Limit Foundation and Founder Mariama Fashion Production, Becky Straw, Co-founder & CEO, The Adventure Project, Melanie Notkin- Founder of Savvie Auntie, Kelly Killoren Bensimon- Author, influential editor, model, taste maker and actor, Agapi Stassinopoulos- Author of Unbinding the Heart, Kavita Patel- Love Coach and Relationship Expert. Amy Palmer- Founder & CEO, PowerWomen TV. Alex McCord-Writer, TV Personality and Host of the Real Deal. Mindy Budgor- Best-Selling Author of Warrior Princess- My Quest to become the first female Maasai Warrior, Rochelle Udell- SVP, Group Creative Direcor & Dalai Momma, Chico’s, Anita Shapolsky- Art Gallery Owner & Director of the A.S. Art Foundation, Lisa Lieberman-Wang- America’s FAB Coach, #1 Bestselling Author, Speaker, Dana James- MS, CNS, CDN and Founder of Food Coach NYC, Gwen Gaydos- Holistic Health, Life and Detox Coach, Julia Fehrenbach- Philanthropy Coach and Co-founder of Building Blocks for Change, Denise Cooper- Money Coach and Founder Sexy Money, Alison Ogden- Founder of Healthy Vixens Confidence Coaching, Diane Rose- multidimensional therapist and energy healer, and Jennifer Wilkov- award-winning freelance writer, #1 radio show host, book business consultant and an entrepreneurial mentor, Arianne Perry, President and COO, Crave Crush, Agathe Assouline-Lichten, CEO Red Velvet NYC, Allie Shaffer, CEO G2 Collective.

The next event will be held in the Spring of 2017 in NYC featuring another panel of expert coaches across diverse disciplines ranging from mind/body connection to dealing with death & bereavement.


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