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As a relationship and life coach, Michelle is the catalyst you need to make great changes.

Michelle Bianco

Michelle Bianco is an energetic New York-based life and relationship coach specializing in powerful goal achievement and creating awesome relationships. Michelle’s past personal challenges became her biggest awakening. She now lives her life by her own personal design, with explosive energy and laser-sharp focus. Michelle is an expert in personal development and behavioral analysis with more than 20 years of experience in proactive workplace relations and situational management. Based on the premise that most people can achieve their goals if properly guided, Michelle is a personal advocate for change, assisting each client in the process of taking the life-improving actions necessary to take control of their future.

Michelle works one-on-one with each client to support personal growth, behavior modification, and goal-setting. Through a series of attainable steps, Michelle is the catalyst for change in helping her clients overcome their fears, create balance in both their personal and professional lives, and ultimately achieve their personal goals.

Learn more about Michelle on her websiteFacebook and Twitter @coachbianco.

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