The Career Expert

Award-winning interactive artist and entrepreneur Rachel Law shares her data on starting a successful business.

Rachel Law

Rachel Law is co-founder and CEO of Kip, a search platform that finds fashion you love in physical stores around you. No need to go through multiple stores, with Kip you can find the right store that carries exactly what you’re looking for.

Formerly a creative technologist and award-winning interactive artist, Rachel designed and developed Vortex, a browser extension that allowed people to swap their metadata across networks and successfully funded a Kickstarter, W.A.N.T, a book about analyzing the size, scale and shape of networks.

She has spoken at  NYU/Intel, Center for Transformative Media,  4A’s CreateTech and more on networks and data. Past work featured in: Ad-Age, HackerNews, Naked Capitalism, 89.3KPCC (radio), Slashdot, Artitude, Culture Push and more.


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What is your advice on dating?
How do you feel about having a woman on the $20?
Do you have anyone you can set me up with?

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