Dinanda Klaassen head shot

Review: “Kiss and Goodbye” a play about love and sacrifice by up and coming actress and playwright Dinanda Klaassen

What’s better than to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the Theater, watching a play about a break up? On February 14th I attended the New York Winterfest Festival at the Hudson Guild Theater. One of the finalists was a gem titled “Kiss and Goodbye”.
Dinanda Klaassen (playwright and actress) created an ambiance wherein the audience felt as if they were listening in on a couple’s intimate conversation at an airport. The chemistry between Dinanda Klaassen and her co-star Seamus Boyle was mesmerizing. I personally was rooting for the couple to survive the rough patch in their relationship, but when in end they broke up my heart was hurting for the both of them. I left the theater with a new sense of wonder, endings are the possible steps towards new beginnings. Ms. Klaassen beautifully crafted a delicate conversation of the love for one another and “letting go” to forge new beginnings. The play was a wild success during its limited run in New York City. Dinanda is an actress and playwright to watch out for! A true, up and coming star.