The Romance Expert

Dubbed the “Man Whisperer” Sandy is helping women everywhere understand what a man wants.

Sandy Weiner

Sandy Weiner is the CEO and founder of Last First Date. She’s a dating coach for women over 40 who are smart and successful at just about everything but love. Sandy is a TEDx speaker, and the resident dating expert at Better After 50. Twice a week, she hosts Last First Date Radio, an exciting show about dating and relationships over 40.

After her 23-year marriage ended, Sandy set out to fully understand the keys to relationship and dating success. She received her coaching certification from the prestigious Coaches Training Institute and studied relationship and dating skills from many of the top experts. Dubbed the “man whisperer” for her ability to translate “man-speak,” Sandy helps with every aspect of dating, from online dating profile makeovers to the deeper work of building your confidence and self-worth to attract and sustain a long-term healthy relationship. With her effective dating skills training, women gain the confidence to get from that sometimes awkward first date to finding love in the second half of life.

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