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Ula Mikus is a life coach with a secret superpower: sweeping away self-sabotage.

Ula Mikus

Ula is a personal development guru, life coach, and a mind tailor, who sharpened her people development sorcery as a Human Resources Manager at ZARA and her ninja training techniques as an HR Organizational Development Manager at FedEx.

She now uses her coaching skills to lead Happiness Academy – the go-to place for life mastering, helping overworked entrepreneurs, purpose seeking millennials, troubled souls, or anyone that needs some love and happiness, and turning them into mindful warriors that face life with humor, love and greatness.

Her secret superpower is sweeping away self-sabotage and serving as a wake-up caller to the ones who don’t want to live in regret of not pursuing their dreams.

When she is not obsessing over a new non-fiction or book from some of the greatest minds of humanity like Eckhart Tolle, Don Miguel Ruiz, Wayne Dyer and Jon Kabat-Zinn, she is busy talking to a random person on the street about possibilities of happiness in their life.


Ula’s Videos:
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What led you to this idea of the Happiness Academy?
Can a person rewire their brain?
What is true happiness?
How can I be happy when I’m sad and disappointed about something?
What do you think is the secret to a loving relationship?
Why do we do go against our best interests, like eating a cookie when we want to lose weight?
Are there things we think we do that we think increases our happiness but actually take away from it?
What are the most common inner demons and how can we confront them?
What is the value of mediation?