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Welcome to Pink Wisdom! We are so happy you are here. In fact, if we could give you a hug right now, we would.

Who are we?

We are a support network dedicated to helping women reinvigorate their careers and love lives. So you want to raise some start-up cash? Or to find a mentor, or choose wise investments, or assemble a board of directors for that fabulous start-up you got funded — Pink Wisdom offers you unprecedented access to an amazing panel of all female experts to help get you there. And whatever your “relationship struggles” are — if you’ve been cheated on, dumped, fought with, jilted, if you’re going through a rough patch or you just can’t find the right “one” — our relationship experts, marriage therapists, dating coaches, best selling authors, popular bloggers, matchmakers and everyday girls have been in your shoes!

How can we help you?

Our site offers life-affirming videos from these wise and experienced women that will give you the insight and the sisterly support you need to take the next steps — baby steps, giant leaps — down your career and relationship paths.

How does it work?

Just click on any of our 30 experts to get started. Choose a question that speaks to you and your situation and then — BAM! — up pops her video answer. The response is quick — usually under 60 seconds. Each expert answers 8–10 “most-asked” questions — you’re sure to find exactly the direction and words of wisdom that will give you the strength and direction you need after just a little clicking around!

And here’s the best part. There’s no advertising on this site and we aren’t trying to sell you anything! We are women helping women find and star in their own epic love and business stories — with a minimum of drama and no tragedy allowed.

Who created Pink Wisdom?

Well hello! My name is Alison Chace. I’m a mom, an actress, and an on-line entrepreneur. In 2009, I founded a website called WakeUpToABreakUp.com. What began as a lark turned into a life-changer. As I said, I’m also an actress. In fact, you might remember me as that woman washing her hair with Herbal Essence, emerging from the bathroom murmuring, “yes, yes, YESSS!” Yes, that would be me faking an orgasm. Don’t laugh, it was a good career move for Meg Ryan.

Anyway… As an actor, you have to create your own projects or you do a lot of sitting by the phone. Even Brad Pitt has his own production company! The project I came up with would be an on-line Today Show for all things “relationship.” It would especially speak to the lovelorn and I would be the Oprah, shepherding women through the agony of painful breakups with my wisdom, humor and special guests. With acting (and, okay, life!) I’d been through more than my share of rejection and I thought, “dammit, who better to walk the jilted, dumped and two-timed through the Valley of Forlornity and deliver them out the other side!” It felt like the perfect career vehicle for moi!

How one site led to another!

Wake Up to a Break Up was simple and friendly, full of great content, resources, links, lists, advice, and above all – humor. Slowly but surely, women from around the world began to drop in and share their stories, angst, and support during their most painful times. The site was built, and women came…in droves. It turns out that break ups are a global, cross-cultural phenomenon that thrive in good times and in bad.

But here’s the funny thing…

After a few years, I came to realize that my absolute all-time favorite part of the site was the section we called “Expert Advice.” There, I would interview some of this country’s leading relationship experts and get incredible advice to pass along to our members. The thing I loved the most about putting this section of our site together was searching out, connecting with and then getting to know these smart, successful experts through these interviews. My desire to learn more from these marvelous women and to further explore the psychology of relationships is what inspired me to launch Pink Wisdom.

And then, once Pink Wisdom was up and running, I had questions about this new career I’d made. With the Valley of Forlornity in my rearview, I faced the steep Hills of Entrepreneurship. So I started asking career experts — trailblazing women who’ve simply insist on their own success — for their advice. The answers I got, from entrepreneurs to media moguls and much more, are all here.

It’s win-win for everyone!

Not only do I get to ask these experts the questions you’d be asking if you were to meet them, I get to pass on their well-earned words of wisdom to you — and I learn so much myself through every single interview. So sit back, check out all the fabulous women we’ve talked with so far, and get your business and relationship questions answered!

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