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Heralded and recognized as a pioneer in the animal world, Wendy Diamond shares her success.

Wendy Diamond

Wendy Diamond is a Social Entrepreneur, Humanitarian, Endangered Animal and Rescue Advocate, World’s Premiere Pet Lifestyle expert, Best-Selling Author, and TV Personality. Wendy is heralded and recognized as a pioneer in the animal world; dubbed “Martha Stewart of the Milk Bone Dish” by The New Yorker, and crowned the “Canine Queen” by Forbes.

In 1999, after rescuing her first shelter animal, a purebred Russian blue she named Pasha, and then a Maltese named Lucky, Wendy became passionately motivated to help save the 12 million animals euthanized in shelters every year.

Wendy founded Animal Fair Media with a specific mission in mind and spirit, to save disenfranchised animals in shelters, and endangered wildlife globally, by promoting animal welfare and rescue, healthy pet lifestyles, and responsible breeding. She knew she could not just sit and rollover – she launched the premier lifestyle media company promoting animal welfare and rescue. She reined in the leash and got busy.

Diamond revolutionized the pet industry by creating premiere pop culture benefits to promote animal adoption, advocacy and fundraising, including the Yappy Hour® cocktail parties, the premiere pet celebrity fashion show called Paws For Style®, Howloween, St Pawtricks Day, with proceeds benefiting animal rescue. She quickly realized that she could direct her business agenda to promote animal rescue, and she has been doing it ever since! Since she began Animal Fair Media, the number of animals euthanized annually has dropped by 58 percent, from 12 million to 4 million — but she is not stopping there! To this day, organizations across the country and the world emulate Wendy/Animal Fair’s events to support their own organizations in their communities. As a pioneer of the industry, Wendy is looked to as a leader in the animal fairness community. Charities around the world mirror Wendy’s pet-lifestyle approach in their fundraising for their local community animal organizations.

But, Diamond is not stopping there. November 19th, 2014 she launched Women’s Entrepreneurship Day (WED) at the United Nations in 144 countries. WED is the day to celebrate, support and empower women  entrepreneurs and women owned businesses globally. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio proclaimed Women’s Entrepreneurship Day. Her brainchild is a movement of women and men who support women – #WomenWOW is the social media push to launch the Wednesday after Thanksgiving as the day dedicated to women owned businesses and causes.

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